My Christian Response

I have started this blog in order to start a conversation about: Christianity Prophecy Current Events  Christian Liberties Evangelism I need the responses to be respectful but honest. My goal is to see if people have a clear understanding about what is currently happening to Christians, not just here, but abroad in other countries. I […]

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Not Without My Son

I just published my first e-book for ministry. Contact to obtain my first e-book for only $5. This book helps to minister to domestic abused women and Muslim women. This book empowers women on how to get out of domestic abuse situations through faith in Jesus and to not give up.  

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Messianic Judaism

Do you think there is still anti-Semitism in the church today? To a Christian: If you saw a Jewish person come into your church and pray with the tallit, how would you respond? To a Jew: If you saw a Christian come into your Synagogue wearing a cross, how would you respond?

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Syrian vs. Jewish Diaspora

            Aleppo Before and After the WarIn relation to what is happening in Aleppo, Syria; Since the late twentieth century, the term “diaspora” is used to refer to any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands, being dispersed throughout other parts of the world, and the ensuing developments in their dispersal […]

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